Alpha 1.0.0

Alpha 1.0.0

This is the first official dev blog!

After a successful release, The Wall is now seeing some new content along with various bug fixes and heavy optimizations.

The Wall has only been out for three days but its community is thriving, with many enthusiastic players suggesting ideas and helping shape the future of the game.

If you have not picked up a copy of the game yet, The Wall is still on sale for several more days!

Here are significant additions to the game included in this update:


How this update improves game performance.
Object Pooling
Object pooling has been added to the game to increase performance during gun fights and destruction.
Various optimizations to client code have been added, like for when players switch weapons, when blood is spawned, etc.
Unnecessary particles were removed from the game (don't worry, you won't notice).
Resource Indicators
Resource indication was removed for generators. This was generating a lot of unnecessary GC allocations and looks better now. This code was actually reliant on network messages so consumed bandwidth has been lowered significantly.
LOD Groups
Some entities have been optimized by adding LOD groups to them.

Bug Fixes

How this update resolved issues.
Memory leaks
Fixed instantiated materials generating tons of garbage during games.
When you destroy a building component, upgraded components attached them now destroy properly.

Generators now properly get destroyed when its owner is dead.

Fixed not being able to place items on stone ceilings


Improvements and new content included in this update
Weapon Racks
Never be unprepared for battle! Place weapon racks down to store weapons for future use.
Stone Barricade
A new upgrade to the tactical barricade has been introduced - tier 2.
The rocket launcher's wood cost has increased from 500 to 1000.